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Dr. Joan L Kogelschatz, Ph.D.

Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families

Welcome to my site. I thank you for taking the time to visit these pages and hope that they will be informative to your needs.  I am a clinical psychotherapist serving Dothan and surrounding cities in the Wiregrass.  I provide counselling for individuals, couples, children and families.  I am Board Certified in several areas and have worked in clinical, academic and research positions.  Treatment consists of sessions of one hour, in my office. *

Experience makes the difference

My extensive experience in many areas of psychotherapy and my many years of clinical work brings a depth of insight and loving care to my practice, while continuous ongoing education keeps me abreast of the most current thinking in the field.   My 40+ years in practice have given me a special insight into counselling, a difference you will feel from our first encounter.   By employing an extensive array of techniques and modalities, our work together is customized to your unique situation.  From short term to extended treatment, you can depend on the value that a lifetime of practice brings to our work together.

Create the life you want with care and support

Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to look at yourself, and in do doing to make the changes you haven’t been able to make before.  When we understand ourselves more deeply and honestly, we can change how we relate to ourselves and others, how we handle distressing situations, and how we work towards meaningful accomplishments that are in line with our deepest values.

Live Life Well

Our work together can address a broad array oc challenges that people face, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, relationship problems, life transitions, trauma and grieving.  The goal of our work together will be to bring about meaningful and lasting change, allowing you to heal and grow so that you can go on about creating the life you want to create.

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* I am available for emergency situations over the phone or by Skype, and conduct in-patient sessions for clients who need to see me while in the hospital.


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