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psychology-science-bannersPractice Procedures

Please read this page carefully.  Ii recommend that you print this information and keep it for referernce.  I encourage discussion on any aspect of your evaluation or treatment with me.




All private consultations between you and me and any records concerning you and your situation are strictly confidential.  I will, at your request only, talk to your family about your case.  You will be asked to sign a Release of Information form, if you wish any reports sent to any other person or agency.  Charges will vary accordingly.




Your scheduled appointent is time specifically set aside for you.  If you are unable to keep an office appointment, please give a 12 hour notice or you will be charged for the scheduled time.  A Monday appointment must be cancelled by Friday.


Office Visits


Your initial visit will be for an hour.  We will then determine the frequency of any future visits.  Consultations are based on your individual needs.  Depending upon your situation sessions may be individual, as a couple, family or group.  Frequency of the sessions will also be determined according to your specific needs.  Psychological testing may be important in your evalluation and treatment.  This will be discussed with you.  You will be charged separately for testing.




At times, hospital care may be required for your treatment.  We will determine if this type of care is needed and where it can best be obtained.  We will discuss this fully with you.


Termination of Treatment


Your care and consultation with me is strictly voluntary and may be terminated by notifying me.  You will be asked to sign a release form if you are seriously ill.  I reserve the right to terminate your treatment by giving you notice.  If we have stopped treatment by mutual agreement, you may be seen again by calling the office for an appointment.


Availability and Coverage


Please consider the face that I practice alone and cannot always be available.  If your problem is an emergency, and I am not available, please go to the nearest emergency room.  You are urged to place any necessary phone calls to my office during usual office hours of 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Thursday and 8 am to 2 pm on Friday.  The office is closed between 2 pm on Friday and 8 am on Monday.  A person calling should leave their name, phone number and the general nature of the call with my secretary or answering service.  The call will be returned as son as practical, by me or my secretary.  All health problems of a general nature should be reported directly to your personal or family physician.


Medication and Prescription Re-Fill


Medications and/of prescriptions may be needed during your treatment.  If so, I will consult with your family physician and she/he will prescribe for you or I will refer you to a psychiatrist I work with.  Under ordinary circumstances you will have enough medication t o last until your next visit.  If you have any questions or need re-fills, please contact my office during usual working hours.  Prescriptions will noto be refilled at night or on weekends or holidays.  Taking your medication as directed and keeping up with any needed re-fills is your responsibility.


  1. Dr. K,
    Never heard back from you after sending you an email last week. Not much has changed from then. Still wondering why there’s been no word on the referral for Kelly. Also, like I said earlier, 10 days is a long time. Hope to hear back from you this time.

  2. Do you accept BCBS ga state benefits?

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