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  1. You saved my life many many years ago when I was suffering from depression in my early 20’s. I just wanted to finally say thank you because I don’t remember if I ever thanked you back then. You are amazing!

  2. My husband, Danny L. Chestnut, has been recommended, by Dr. Ann McDowell, to see your for counseling. I am so happy that he will be seeing someone; but he thinks counseling doesn’t work. I am sure his droctor will send you her comments. I am also interested in helping him get better so please let me know what I should do or not do for him. We have been married for 49 years and traveled all over the world together with our 3 sons. He is a brilliant man, tender hearted, loving, shy, humble, and has always put others before his needs. He has difficulty saying/asking what his needs are and letting others help. He is also a Chestnut—if you look Chestnut in the dictionary you will find them: very hard headed!!! I am looking forward to meeting you and it will take him some time to adjust to the idea.

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