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Benefits of Therapy

psychotherapy_picture.348115521_stdListed below are some of the many benefits of therapy that I have had the pleasure of witnessing in my clients throughout my experience as a practitioner.

* Decreased irrational fears and worries throughout the day.
* Improved ability to talk to others, and express your needs and wants.
* Improved ability to listen to and understand others.
* Increased motivation to work and be social.
* Increased social success including the ability to attract others to you.
* Decreased self-consciousness, feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.
* Improved ability to tolerate negative feelings.
* Ability to better control children’s problematic behaviors and set structure.
* Improved ability to forgive yours and other’s shortcomings and flaws.
* Improved organization skills at home and at work.
* Improved sexual experiences.
* Improved ability to know when to set boundaries with others.
* Finding the ability to say “no”.
* Learning how to compromise.
* Increased budgeting skills.
* Finding the right career path, and sticking to it.
* Decrease in compulsive behaviors including drinking and smoking.
* Increase in restful sleep.
* Less fatigue, boredom, and apathy.
* Increase in the ability to maintain relationships.
* Increase in problems solving ability in daily life.
* Improved ability to handle stress and hardship.
* Improved confidence and assertiveness.
* Decrease in crying spells.
* Better work performance and career satisfaction.
* Increase in creative flow and productivity.
* Increased ability to reach out to others and find support.
* Feeling better about the way you look.
* Increased understanding of other people.
* Improved ability to live in the moment and take pleasure in the details.
* Developing the ability to let go of the past, and look to the future.

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